Sterling is a national provider of technology resource solutions for Fortune 500 and premier companies. From single development resource needs to staffing entire project teams, our unique client-centric approach makes Sterling the essential resource in delivering or supporting key technology initiatives on both local and national levels.

With extensive experience, we have developed a methodology which allows us to deliver perfectly timed resources across all IT areas.

Sterling’s extensive and perpetually expanding network of professional technology specialists is instrumental in helping our clients achieve their strategic business objectives with the best resources.

With a proven track record of success, Sterling delivers the right match, the right way: with personal respect, a disciplined process and exceptional service.

Non SAP Services

We help our customers develop business strategies and technologies tailored to their unique needs. In order to stay competitive and to maintain profitability in current fast paced global economy, all businesses must be adaptive to changes on daily basis.

SAP Services

Sterling Software service offerings are a diverse mix of technology and management understanding. Our confidence in working with SAP is a result of years of experience with this product in the industry and the successful execution of such projects for clients across geographies and industries.